ATI manufactures many types of Data/Voice assemblies

covering a wide variety of markets such as:
Business/Switchboard/Telcom/Atlantic Teleconnect Inc  Telecommunication Cable Assembly
Data Voice Distribution/IT Distribution
Harsh Environment/Weather Resistant
Laboratory/Testing/Data Acquisition
Value added services include:
Custom wiring
Custom labeling
Custom shipping
Speedy response
Cost reduction thru alternate materials
Conductor types include:
Discrete Wire, Twisted Wire, Cabled Wire, Ribbon Cable, Round-Flat Ribbon CableAtlantic Teleconnect Inc   Telecommunication Cable Assembly
Shielded, Unshielded, Twisted Pair, Tray Cable, Communication Cable, Computer CableTermination styles include crimp, laced IDC, pressed IDC, and solder.
Some common names of Data/Voice assemblies:
Dsubminiature, Dsub, DB, Micro Dsub, SCSII (Scuzzy), Serial Data, Parallel Data, I/O, SATA,
Modem, Null Modem, HD (High Density), HDMI, DVI, IEEE1394, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB
Centronics, Champ, Telco, Cinch, 255, Backplane, Backboard, Telcom, Switchboard, T1,
ABAM, MS2, 110, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, RJ48, Modular Plug, Patch Plug, Ethernet, Node, DSL, Telephone, Amp, Mate-N-Lok,
AmpModu, Centi-Line, Amplimite, Multi-mate, Duac, AmpLatch, MTA, Molex, SL, Mini-Fit, Micro-Fit, KK, C-Grid, Pico-Spox,
Pico-Blade, Milli-Grid, I-Grid, Mini Mi, Headers, Ribbon Headers, Deutsch, Packard, Weather-pack, MetriPak, JST, V.35,
Hybrid IEC60320 or NEMA power cords